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How to get a FREE or Low Cost Flu Vaccine in 2021

Flu Vaccine Price in the UK

The flu vaccine is a vaccination that can help protect you against getting a flu virus during the winter. It can also make it less likely that you will pass the virus on to other people.

The NHS will be providing 30 million people with the the flu vaccine this year, and this number is far higher than in previous years.

Who Qualifies For A Free NHS Flu Vaccine?

You will qualify for a free flu vaccine from the NHS if you meet one of the following conditions….

  • You, or someone you live with, has been shielding.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have a health condition such as asthma or diabetes.
  • You care for someone elderly or disabled who would be at risk if you were to get sick.
  • You are a frontline health or social care worker.
  • You are aged 50 years or older.
  • You are in long term residential care.

Children at primary school and in Year 7 are also eligible for a free flu vaccine and these will usually be administered at school.

Some employers are also paying for flu vaccines for their staff. You will need to check with your HR department if this is something that applies to you.

Who Should Get The Flu Vaccine?

Anyone who meets the criteria set out above should get the flu vaccine, and this will be provided free of charge by the NHS. However, there is no reason why people who are not covered by this list cannot get the flu vaccine, although they will need to pay.

Does The Flu Vaccine Have Side Effects?

The majority of people will not get any side effects from receiving the flu vaccine. You may get mild symptoms of a cold such as stuffy nose and a headache. Some people experience tiredness and loss of appetite. If you have the vaccine as an injection, then the site of the jab may be sore for a few days.

Where Can I Get A Private Flu Vaccine?

There are several places that you can get a private flu vaccine and some of these are listed below…

Asda Pharmacy charge £8 for their private flu vaccine and you can book an appointment by contacting your local store directly.

Day Lewis Pharmacy charge £12 for their private flu vaccine and walk in appointments are available. It is advised you call ahead to check the times that sessions will be held.

Morrisons Pharmacy charge £8 for their flu vaccine. Check their website for your nearest store that is offering this service.

Tesco Pharmacy are not taking any bookings for their flu vaccine service at the moment due to high demand. When it is up and running again, the cost will be £9.

Boots Winter Flu Jab Service is another service that is currently suspended due to demand. You are still able to book a free test if you are eligible for one. The cost of the private jab is £13.99 and you will earn Advantage points on this purchase.

Lloyds Pharmacy are charging £12.99 for their flu vaccine and it is available to anyone aged 18 and over. You can either call your local pharmacy for an appointment or book online.

Superdrug Pharmacy – If Superdrug has a pharmacy at your local branch, then they are offering vaccines for £12.99. You can just walk in and see if there are any appointments available, but to be certain you can book over the phone or online.


Having the flu vaccine can protect you and your loved ones from getting a serious case of the virus this winter. Even if you do not qualify for a free flu vaccine you can still get one privately.

There is already a higher demand for flu vaccines than has been seen in previous years. If you are paying for the vaccine yourself, then you should try and book an appointment where you can rather than walk in to avoid having a wasted trip.