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Most Valuable Disney Lorcana Cards with Resale Prices (UK Guide)

The world of Disney Lorcana has graced the shelves, and fans are astounded by the jaw-dropping prices of certain cards.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter has landed and it’s nothing short of magical, bringing in a plethora of beloved Disney characters into a captivating strategy card game. Just like various other trading card games, securing some of the top-tier cards from the initial launch might mean digging deep into your pockets.

Here’s a sneak peek at the priciest Disney Lorcana cards out there right now.

Disney Lorcana Exclusive D23 Promo Cards

When it comes to the crème de la crème, the D23 promo cards sit on the throne. Exclusive to the D23 conference, these cards aren’t just regular cards from The First Chapter expansion. They stand out, boasting unique art and a distinct promo tag.

Their uniqueness doesn’t just end at aesthetics. These are not your regular cards you’d stumble upon in booster packs. Their rarity and exclusiveness make them sought-after collectibles, pushing their value to impressive heights.

disney lorcana

  • Elsa — Snow Queen: £1600
  • Stitch — Rock Star: £1200
  • Maleficent — Monstrous Dragon: £1000
  • Mickey Mouse — Brave Little Tailor: £1000
  • Robin Hood — Unrivaled Archer: £1000
  • Captain Hook — Forceful Duelist: £1000
  • Cruella deVille — Miserable as Usual: £1000

Remember, these values represent the average market prices. But if you’re a savvy searcher, you’ll spot listings on trading card game platforms and eBay fluctuating above and below these figures. Case in point: Mickey cards with a PSA 10 grade are fetching prices around £4900, and Elsa’s cards are being showcased with tags as high as £5700.

High-Value Cards from Disney Lorcana’s First Chapter

While the D23 promos are on a league of their own, cards pulled straight from The First Chapter booster packs don’t lag far behind in value. Although many cards from this set won’t make your wallet cry, being priced below £1 (probably because they’re more common or not pivotal for competitive play), some are making waves for their unmatched appeal and gameplay prowess.

disney lorcana

Elsa — Spirit of Winter (Alternate Art): £320

This enchanting card, featuring the iconic Disney character Elsa, has caught the eyes of many, sometimes even demanding over £320 due to its mesmerising art and its undeniable power in the game. It’s not just about the looks; this formidable card can force up to two selected characters to exert or, with the right amount of magic ink, be played atop another Elsa character card.

Other Must-Have Disney Lorcana Cards

disney lorcana

Tinker Bell — Giant Fairy (Alternate Art): £170

A perfect blend of artistic beauty and competitive power, Tinker Bell’s Giant Fairy card is leaving a mark in the Disney Lorcana trading card realm. Should you have a soft spot for this feisty fairy, brace yourself to shell out upwards of £450. The card isn’t just about its whimsical allure; it’s pivotal in the current strategy card game meta, making it a prized possession.

disney lorcana

Mickey Mouse — Wayward Sorcerer (Alternate Art): £160

Bound to range from £160 to £400, this card encapsulates the magic and charm of the iconic Disney character, Mickey Mouse, donned in his unforgettable Fantasia wizard attire. A true collector’s delight, the Wayward Sorcerer’s alternate art vividly portrays Mickey in all his magical splendour.

disney lorcana

Stitch — Carefree Surfer (Alternate Art): £150

In the world of Disney Lorcana, having a card that boosts drawing power is a rarity, and that’s where Stitch’s Carefree Surfer steps in, allowing players to draw two extra cards. But its competitive advantage isn’t the sole reason for its heftier price tag. The blend of Stitch’s beloved character, showcased in a heartwarming pose, coupled with the rarity of the alternate art, makes it a collector’s dream.

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Aurora — Dreaming Guardian (Alternate Art): £135

A card that embodies grace and finesse, the Aurora Dreaming Guardian card is a visual masterpiece. Its mesmerising design has made it a favourite among the TCG community, and it doesn’t just stop at its beauty. The card also has its place cemented in some of the top decks, adding to its allure.

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Belle — Strange But Special (Alternate Art): £125

This card is truly an epitome of charm. First off, it showcases Belle, the timeless Disney princess, making it an instant hit among Disney fans and dedicated collectors. Its rarity as an alternate art further enhances its collectible status. And, for those immersed in the game, this card holds a special place, as its unique ability to garner four lore can be a game-changer, especially in decks that thrive on lore quests.

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Simba — Returned King (Alternate Art): £110

Who doesn’t revere The Lion King? With its iconic status, it’s hardly surprising to see Simba gracing this list. The card perfectly captures the majestic essence of the lion, with dynamic artwork and Simba’s commanding presence. And for those engrossed in the game, Simba promises to be more than just a collectible, thanks to his impactful in-game effects.

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Hades — King of Olympus (Alternate Art): £105

Hades might not be a darling Disney princess, but his card in Disney Lorcana has made quite the impression. What makes this card stand out in the game? Its transformative power. With an imposing presence and a powerful effect, Hades King of Olympus earns an extra lore for every villain in the game. For those strategizing with a villain-centric deck, this card is pivotal, especially when the aim is to amass lore rapidly.

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Genie — On the Job (Alternate Art): £98

One of Disney’s most cherished characters, Genie, known for Robin Williams’ unforgettable portrayal, isn’t just a collector’s dream. In terms of gameplay, Genie On The Job plays a crucial role in top-tier decks that prioritize control. When you’re looking to dominate the board and disrupt your opponent’s flow, Genie’s ability to return characters to the opponent’s hand can be a game-changer.

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Maui – Hero to All (Alternate Art): £94

With Moana’s wide-reaching popularity, it’s no surprise that the Disney Lorcana card featuring Maui has garnered significant attention. Beyond the artwork that appeals to Disney fans, Maui’s card holds significant gameplay value. Designed to suit aggressive decks, Maui’s abilities shine when it comes to challenging and dealing damage to adversaries.

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Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing: £37

The lone non-alternate art card on this list, Rapunzel’s card sees a noticeable price difference, primarily due to its more common occurrence in the first set. Yet, its appeal remains undiminished, given Rapunzel’s status as a beloved princess. In gameplay, this card is a treasure for defensive decks. Its potent healing abilities can turn the tide in many a game, offering a lifeline when most needed.


The Disney Lorcana trading card game has seamlessly fused the enchanting world of Disney with the strategic intricacies of card gameplay. From alternate art cards featuring iconic characters like Elsa, Mickey Mouse, and Genie, to gameplay staples like Rapunzel’s healing abilities and Hades’ lore-boosting power, there’s a wealth of collectible and competitive value.

As the market dynamics ebb and flow, the rarity and allure of certain cards, particularly from The First Chapter, continue to captivate both collectors and players. Whether you’re diving into the world of trading card games or are a seasoned Disney aficionado, Disney Lorcana promises a magical and strategic experience.

Remember to keep an eye on card prices, safeguard your collection, and immerse yourself in the vibrant lore and strategy of this enchanting card game universe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions about Disney Lorcana Trading Cards.

Which Disney Lorcana cards are fetching the highest resale values?

The resale value of Disney Lorcana cards can fluctuate based on demand, rarity, and the market. Currently, “Elsa Spirit of Winter (Alternate Art)” is valued at around £320. “Tinker Bell — Giant Fairy (Alternate Art)” has been seen fetching up to £450, and “Mickey Mouse — Wayward Sorcerer (Alternate Art)” can range between £160 to £400, depending on its condition and the platform it’s being sold on.

How much is the Elsa Spirit of Winter Lorcana card worth in the resale market?

At present, the “Elsa Spirit of Winter (Alternate Art)” card is reselling for about £320. Its enchanting artwork and gameplay capabilities have made it highly desirable among both collectors and players.

Are Disney Lorcana trading cards a good investment?

Disney Lorcana cards, especially those with alternate art and featuring iconic characters, have shown to hold and sometimes increase in value over time. However, like all collectibles, their worth can be influenced by market trends, rarity, and demand.

What is the rarest Disney Lorcana card based on current resale values?

While the exact rarity is determined by print numbers, “Elsa Spirit of Winter (Alternate Art)” and “Tinker Bell — Giant Fairy (Alternate Art)” are among the top-priced cards currently, indicating their high desirability and potential rarity in the resale market.

Are non-alternate art Disney Lorcana cards still valuable?

Yes, non-alternate art cards can still hold significant value, especially if they feature beloved characters or have strong gameplay utility. For instance, “Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing” is priced at £37 despite being a non-alternate art card, owing to its in-game significance and Rapunzel’s popularity.