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14 of the Best Dinosaur Attractions in the UK

Dinosaurs are arguably the most interesting animals that have ever lived on this planet. All those fascinating facts and mental pictures you and your kids have about these reptiles can only be brought to life when you spend time in a dinosaur park or museum in the UK. When you visit the attractions discussed in this guide, you will feel these wonderful animals’ tangibility and get to interact with dino fossils one on one.

Here’s a list of Dinosaur Attractions in the UK…

1. Dinosaur Museum

Location – County town of Dorset in Dorchester

The Dinosaur Museum is Britain’s best award-winning dinosaur attraction. The dinosaur fossils in this museum are the realest you will see in dino-themed attractions. From dinosaur heads, teeth, to eggs, the fossils are limitless here. There are also excavation pits where you can make your own dinosaur discoveries.

Kids under age 3 access the museum for free, those aged 3-15 pay £6.99 and adults £8.99.

Website –

2. Dinosaur Isle

Location – Sandown, England

The Dinosaur Isle is a fossils packed museum covering dinosaurs that date back 126 million years ago. The most iconic dinosaurs here are the 15 believed to come from the Isle of Wight. This interactive museum also houses animatronic dinosaurs that liven up the space.

Children aged 3 years and below access, the museum for free, those aged 3-15 are charged £5.00 and adults above age 15 pay £6.00.

Website –

3. Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

Location – Lenwade, Norwich, Norfolk

This is the largest dinosaur park in the UK and one of the best dinosaur attractions you can visit in this region. There are a lot of Dinosaur – themed sceneries to see here and fun activities to do. The highlights of this park are its dinosaur trail, dino dig, high ropes, a maze, and a splash zone opened in summer. There is also an indoor soft play for those who enjoy the indoor thrill.

Children under 90cm can access the park for free, but any other person pays £16.50.

Website –

4. Dinosaurland Fossil Museum

Location – Lyme Regis, England

The Dinosaurland Fossil Museum is one of the oldest in SW England, housing around 16000 specimens of permanent display. Here, you can also take a tour at their Time Gallery and get to learn how continents and life have changed since the age of dinosaurs and how the present happenings relate to dinosaurs.

Under 5’s access the museum for free, children aged 5-16 pay £4.00 and adults aged above 15 years are charged £5.00.

Website –

5. Knebworth House

Location – Old Knebworth Lane, Stevenage

The perking feature for this attraction site is its dinosaur trail, which takes you past 72 life-sized dinos with large information boards and huge sound boxes to produce the Dinosaur’s roar. There is a large chalkboard at the end of the trail where you can show your drawing creativity. You can also visit their play area and loosen up after the fantastic trail’s experience.

Children under 3 are not charged, but people above this age are charged £10.00. If you go as a group of 4 family members, you will pay £36.00.

Website –

6. Coombe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park

Location – Coombe Martin, Ilfracombe, North Devon

The Coombe Martin Park has limitless dino experiences and has everything you would be looking for in a dinosaur park. From the Dino tunnel express trains that let you enjoy various dinosaur sounds to the small dinosaur museum where you can get up close with dinosaur fossils, the dino experience here is unbeatable.

Children under 3 access the park for free, those aged between 3 and 15 pay £14.49 and people above 15 pay £15.59.

Website –

7. Restricted Area 5 at Blackgang Chine

Location – Ventnor, Isle of Wight

The Blackgang Chine is the oldest theme park in the UK, so you can be sure that the experiences here have been refined over the years. The Restricted Area 5 housed in this park has life-sized and moving dinosaurs that will give you an authentic experience of what dino life was like. There are also imagination lands on this park (Nurseryland, Fairyland, Underwater Kingdom, Pirate Cove and Cowboy Town) that make the experience even better.

There is free access for children under age 4 and a £20.00 charge for people above this age.

Website –

8. The Dinosaur Park Tenby

Location – Great Wedlock, Gumfreston, Tenby

If you want your kids to enjoy a real dinosaur experience, this is the park to visit. Here, there are many dinosaurs- themed activities for the young ones, including the Dinosaurs Activity Corner where kids can create dinosaurs’ habitats and Draw Alive, where they can draw their favorite dinos and see them come alive on a TV screen.

Children under age 2 are not charged, toddlers aged 2 pay £4.95, children aged 3-15 £11.50 and adults above 15 £12.75.

Website –

9. Torquay’s Dinosaur World

Location – 3 Victoria Parade, Torquay

If you visit Torquay and want to have a dinosaur experience, this is the place to visit. Here there are limitless life-sized dinosaurs that you can interact with and even sit on to have a feel of their ruggedness. There are also dinosaur fossils to get up close to. To learn more about dinosaurs, you can also take their explorers quiz.

Children under 3 are not charged, children aged above 3 and adults pay £5.95

Website –

10. Wingham Wildlife Park

Location – Rusham Road, Wingham

Although the Wingham Wildlife Park is generally an animal park, it also a great place to learn about all the 22 dinosaurs. Their Dinosaur A-Z gives information about each of these dinosaur varieties and you can be sure that you’ll leave the place more educated and appreciative about Dinosaur’s age and history.

Here, only kids under age 2 access the facility for free. Children aged 2-15 pay £16.00 while people above this age pay £19.00.

Website –

11. Paultons Park Lost Kingdom

Location – Ower, Romsey, Hampshire

Paultons Park is another theme park with dinosaur experiences too. It houses the Lost kingdom, which is a real deal when it comes to dinosaurs’ adventures. Here, you will find both static and moving dinosaurs that roam around the park and Jurassic-themed rides such as the 2 rollercoasters. The park also houses the Peppa pig world.

Children under 1 m get free access while any other person above this height pays £35.75. for a family of 4, the ticket goes for £139.00.

These tickets cover access to the Peppa pig world too.

Website –

12. Dino Park Dumfries

Location – Hetland Garden Centre, Carrutherstown

Housing 15 dinosaur varieties, the Dino Park is a beautiful dinosaur-themed park with a lot of dino activities. Here, you are either on the Dino Den listening to dinosaur stories or on the bouncy dinosaurs bouncing and letting off steam. Even when the weather does not support outdoor activities, there is a dinosaur soft play centre to extend the fun.

There are no charges for children under 2 years, children aged 2-14 are charged £6.50 while those aged above 14 years pay £3.50.

Website –

13. Natural History Museum

Location – London England

If you want a dino experience in the city, this is the number one place you should visit. Here, you will be welcomed by the 26m diplodocus skeleton, which is so immersive and satisfying to see one on one. The museum also houses moving animatronics dinosaurs and limitless Dino fossils that date 160 million years ago. There are also torch-lit trails through the Dinosaur’s gallery for kids as well as adults.

There are no entrance fees to this attraction site, but there is an option to donate 5 pounds if you would like.

Website –

14. Gullivers Dinosaur and Farm Park

Location- Milton Keynes, UK

The well-known Gullivers theme park comes parked with many adventure activities, including a tour on the Jurassic river while you experience the scary dinosaurs. Dinosaurs can also be spotted from treetop towers installed in the park. There is also a dino dig where you can unearth some dinosaur remains while you bond with family.

Children under 90cm are not charged to enter this park. Children and adults above this height pay £ 25.00. Seniors are charged £23.00.

Website –


Don’t struggle to look for dinosaur attractions in the UK that are worth paying a visit. Just pick one from this list and you will get the best dino experience ever. Visiting these dinosaur attractions will not only thrill you, but you’ll get to appreciate the history of these animals from the point of emergence to extinction.

Lastly, don’t forget that many of these attractions require that you book online and in advance so that they can regulate the number of people visiting at a given period. Also, take some time to learn about the protocols set to control navigation through the site so that you can also prepare in advance.

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