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Christmas at Thursford

Christmas at Thursford – Enchanted Journey of Light 2020 Review

There’s nothing better than a Christmas attraction! in 2019 we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for the first time and were planning to go back in 2020 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic that was cancelled! as a replacement we decided to book tickets for Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light and here’s our review of the experience…

Christmas at Thursford

What was Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light?

Christmas at Thursford is magical! here’s our review of Thursford’s Enchanted Journey of Light.

Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light was Thursford’s Christmas walk-through experience for 2020. The fantastic journey began in the auditorium, which had an immersive experience of decorations, light and sound throughout the new indoor wonderland trail. The journey continued into the Santa’s Magical journey building and although Santa was not present, this bit of the experience did not disappoint too. The next and last stop was the all-new and amazingly set lantern light extravaganza space which was located outside (approximately 4 acres).

Christmas at Thursford

What was there to see and do at Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light?

Throughout the whole journey, there were tons of sceneries to see and experiences to enjoy. In the main auditorium, there were magical steam engines to see and well-done decorations throughout the entire building. The UK’s massive kinetic light displays were also present in the wonderland trail for a light experience like no other. The sound experience here saw many people dance along with the great songs and music-themed lights. After the wonderland trail experience, you had an option of stopping at the restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal or proceed with the journey.

Santa’s magical journey had the most scenery, including massive teddy bears, polar bears, penguins and the busy elves in the toy factory. Snowball family activities wrapped up the exhilarating journey at the Santa’s magical building. The lantern light extravaganza culminated the journey with a spectacular festival of luminous sculptures of jungle animals.

How did Coronavirus affect Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light?

First, Father Christmas with his elves did not grace the magical Santa building. Throughout the enjoyable journey, people were expected to maintain social distancing as per the government guidelines. Sanitisers were also available throughout the site just in case you needed to use them. Unless you were exempt, you had to wear your facemask throughout the site’s indoor space. Lastly, a maximum of only six people was allowed to book the group tickets at the event.

Christmas at Thursford

How much were the ticket prices for Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light?

Children aged 2 and below were allowed to the event for free. The following charges applied for every person above this, based on per-person rates as follows…

• Tickets bought before and on 15th October- £15

• Tickets bought in the period between 16th October and 25th November-£16.50

• Tickets bought in the period between 26th November to the day the event closed-£18

The above costs covered the entry fee and any eatery services offered at the event.

Where photos and videos allowed at Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light?

Taking photos and videos was allowed throughout the entire site as long as it did not slow down other visitors’ journey (I managed to take my pregnancy reveal photographs during our visit) but the organizers had the right to stop photography and/or recording to ease the flow of visitors.

Overall thoughts…

Even though we enjoyed the experience the tickets were pricey! the total cost for my family was £72!! I found this very expensive (considering it only took one hour to walk through the attraction) Once we got to the outside part of the journey there were lots of fairground rides BUT these weren’t included in the price! the average cost was around £3 per person (which adds-up if you’re a large family!) it would have been nice if they gave at least one free ride per Child.

Will we go back? Yes (if the price is right!) the attraction is beautiful and the perfect place to create magical Christmas memories (and take some awesome photos which you can look back on for years to come).

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