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Save Money on your Energy Bills with BillBuddy

BillBuddy – the only BillBuddy Review you need to read

Looking for a legitimate way to save on energy bills? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to auto-switching energy companies, you can save up to £300 to £500 a year doing very little. Energy Switchers not only list top deals but they can help you move to the best tariff.

One of the major players in the market is BillBuddy.

What is BillBuddy?

BillBuddy is your digital savings assistant. Its priority is to ensure that you never pay more for your gas, broadband, and electricity. Nowadays, BillBuddy also helps you find better deals for various types of insurance, such as car and home insurance.

As a legitimate company, BillBuddy reminds you about your monthly bills and monitors the market for top deals. Every year, UK homes use 3.4 billion worth of electricity. Bigger houses use more electricity whereas terraced homes and flats use much less. Research shows that flats and terraced homes use around 2779 kWh every year.

Annually, UK households waste billions of pounds by paying more than they need for electricity and gas. The reason why this happens is that the best deals are often made available to new customers.

Thanks to BillBuddy, you too can enjoy top deals. Switching your energy bills may sound scary, but it’s not. BillBuddy will handle the switch without any interruptions to your electricity. Also, you’ll not receive unexpected bills with the old tariff.

How Does BillBuddy Work?

BillBuddy is a fantastic tool. To switch to a cheaper deal, visit BillBuddy. Let’s assume you want cheaper energy deals. From the top navigation bar, click “Energy.” The site will redirect you to a new page.

To get cheaper deals, enter your postcode in the space provided and click “See Deals.” Once you do so, BillBuddy will compare thousands of tariffs from UK energy suppliers. As an AI-powered chatbot, BillBuddy will tell you everything you need to know.

It will check big suppliers such as:

  • NPower
  • EDF
  • British Gas

Besides the big suppliers, it’ll check the small suppliers that may offer a fee for referrals. Once BillBuddy finds the cheapest deals for you, it will take care of the rest.

You don’t have to fill any paperwork or make phone calls to verify your identity or complete the switch. There is more good news. It does not cost you a penny.

You ought to know that BillBuddy’s website is responsive. As such, it works on any device. From PCs to laptops, smartphones and tablets, you can access its many features from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t like the energy suppliers BillBuddy found for you, don’t worry. Use the available filters to find the perfect energy supplier. Remember, the more accurate you’re when inputting your energy supply details, the more precise BillBuddy will find for you the better deal.

Is BillBuddy Free?

Of course, BillBuddy is free. By providing a free service, UK households can save millions of pounds on bills. How much you can save depends on several factors. Research shows that UK households can save up to £461 when they switch their electric and gas to a cheaper tariff.

When BillBuddy checks the market for better deals, it also takes into account exit fees. Exit fees usually occur when a customer leaves a fixed-term contract before its due. When you do so, your supplier charges you.

Exit fees do not apply if you are within forty-nine days before your fixed-term contract ends. To find out if there are any applicable exit fees, we recommend checking the Tariff Information Label before switching to a better deal.

Want to know how BillBuddy makes money? When you switch to a cheaper energy tariff, BillBuddy receives a fee from your new energy supplier. The energy suppliers pay a similar introducing fee which makes it easy for BillBuddy to secure you a better tariff.

How Do You Join Billbuddy?

Setting up an account at BillBuddy is very easy. Start by entering your postcode to see the cheapest tariffs near you. BillBuddy lists the cheapest tariffs in your area based on your energy needs, current tariff, usage and location. The results are usually ranked by savings, but you can filter according to fixed or variable rates and green energy deals.

The platform allows you to view more information about each energy supplier as well as the estimated cost per month and year.

The next step is to create a login ID and password. These details help to secure your account. Once you create an account, you’ll have access to your very own dashboard. BillBuddy will regularly send notifications informing you of new deals and how much you’re currently paying.

You can sync your BillBuddy account with Facebook Messenger to receive saving alerts. Remember, you must continue providing meter readings to your old energy supplier. This will ensure that you receive the final bill.

Also, make sure the readings are accurate to ensure that your bills are correct too. While BillBuddy is free, you’re required to provide your direct debit details. Why you may ask.

There are two reasons for this:

  • It allows BillBuddy to complete the switch for you, hassle-free (You’ll receive a letter/email to confirm this)
  • Energy suppliers offer bigger discounts to customers signed up via direct debit

You ought to know that BillBuddy will not deduct any money from your account. Your account is secure as the entire site is encrypted with SHA 256 SSL encryption.

How Does Billbuddy Save You Money?

BillBuddy continuously checks the market to find the best deals. As an AI-powered chatbot, it helps find better deals by comparing parameters such as usage and location. The service also takes into account the exit fee. After BillBuddy completes the search, the digital savings assistant will display the results.

The results will include all deals where you can save more money. BillBuddy will not complete the switch without your approval. To give BillBuddy the authorisation to switch your energy bills, tap “Complete My Switch.”

Final Thoughts

BillBuddy is an extremely useful service. It’s free of charge, allows you to compare deals and completes the switch hassle-free. The site is user-friendly, mobile responsive and accessible from different devices.

Sadly, BillBuddy has no mobile app. You can only receive alerts when you sync BillBuddy with Facebook Messenger. Other than that, it’s time-saving and money-saving too.