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List of Animal Live Cams from Zoos and Aquarium’s

At a time when the pandemic has hit the world strongly, many Zoos, aquariums and Sanctuaries have closed or limited physical operations. While this is vital as it helps curb the spread of the nuisance disease, it should not stop animal lovers and enthusiast to enjoy animal experiences. With a smart device and reliable internet, you can now Livestream webcam content from your favourite zoo even from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we list the best Zoos, Aquarium’s and Animal Sanctuaries offering livestreams of their animals with a brief outline of each attraction…

Folly Farm…

This is a zoo with over 750 animals that also offers a jolly barn and farm, a vintage fairground, different adventure experiences. The most striking feature of this zoo is that it can connect you to your favourite animals through webcams.

There are two main entrance tickets; day tickets and annual tickets. The day tickets can only be used for single entry and are valid for 3 months from the date you buy them. If you need to visit the zoo more than twice, the annual pass is the option you should go for as it is more economical than the day charges. Inside the aquarium, you will need to buy tickets for animal experiences you prefer to watch.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Giraffes

• Penguins

• Lions

Click Here to Watch Folly Farm’s Animal Live Cams.

Zoo Atlanta…

Zoo Atlanta is home to enchanting pandas and has plenty of animals to watch and interact with. The dedicated people visiting the zoo sustain the 1000+ animals in the zoo by providing them with the care they need. If you want to plan an unforgettable event in the wild, this is the zoo to go for.

Animals you can Watch Live…


Click Here to Watch Zoo Atlanta’s Panda Live Cam

Dublin Zoo…

Founded in 1831, the Dublin zoo is now home to a good deal of animals and the perfect place for both adults and children to immerse and learn about the other world; the wild. This zoo runs several conservation projects, breeding programmes and education awareness. The specialized care that each animal receives in the zoom ensures that they are healthy at all times, a factor that improves their interaction with the people visiting. If you want to get discounted tickets to this zoo, you should book as a group.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Giraffes

• Zebras

• Rhinos

• Penguins

• Asian elephants

Click Here to Watch Dublin Zoo Animal Live Cams

San Diego Zoo…

With a mission of saving animal species worldwide, the San Diego Zoo is the perfect place to interact with animals as an individual or as a group. The zoo runs various kids programmes, attractions sites, dining experiences and event and catering programmes. Each time you visit the zoo, you are contributing towards achieving this mission by dedicating your resources and time however small, in taking care of the animals.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Hippos

• Penguins

• Baboons

• Polar Bears

• Koalas

• Burrowing owls

Click Here to Watch San Diego Zoo Animal Live Cams

Marwell Zoo…

If you want to get closer to the wonders of nature, the Marwell Zoo is the perfect place to visit. Here, you will get a collection of over 100 animals spread over 140 acres of natural land. At Marwell Zoo, you are either interacting with the animals by feeding them or in adventure playgrounds enjoying the relaxing outdoor activities. Before you visit this zoo, it is advisable to have their app as it will guide you on what to expect in the zoo that day.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Video webcams

• Aquarium

• Flamingos

• Penguins

• Photo webcams

• Giraffe

• Lemur

Click Here to Watch Marwell Zoo Animal Live Cams

Maryland Zoo…

At the Maryland zoo, there is much wildlife to see and plenty of wildlife experiences to enjoy. If you want to plan a visit here, you need to pick a ticket that matches your budget and visiting hours that you are comfortable with. Other than encounters with the animals, there are venues for events including birthday parties and team-building activities. The zoo also runs some conservation projects to help sustain the animals.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Baby chimpanzees

• Elephants

Click Here to Watch Maryland Zoo Animal Live Cams

Paignton Zoo…

Paignton zoo brings you various attractions, gardens to visit, competitions and virtual experiences to keep you connected to the wild. The zoo covers 80 acres and is home to 2500 animals. This Devon’s zoo has some of the unique animal wonders and specially designed habitats which combined with the jungle play areas, will make your visit memorable.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Meerkats

• Flamingos

• Sulawesi crested macaques

Click Here to Watch Paignton Zoo Animal Live Cams

Clearwater Marine Aquarium…

Here, you can get a great experience by meeting and interacting with the rescued animals and engaging in other activities such as boat riding, kayaking around the clear water bay. By visiting their official website, you will learn about the most affordable ticket to purchase, the convenient hours to visit and direction and accommodation given. The aquarium also offers a winter program which involves, inspirational stories, dolphin tale test, personalized video messages and kid zone ideal for learning.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Pelicans

• Dolphins

• Sea turtles

• Otters

• Stingrays

Click Here to Watch Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s Live Cams

Cotswolds Wildlife Park & Gardens…

Cotswolds Wildlife Park & garden offers 160 acres of natural habitat to a variety of animals and birds. The dedicated and caring staff helps in providing care and safety to the many endangered species in the park. Through the webcam experience, one gets to enjoy their favourite animals at the comfort of their home.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Penguins

• Meerkats

Click Here to Watch Cotswolds Wildlife & Gardens Animal Live Cams

National Aquarium…

There is nothing as relaxing as watching by livestreaming coloured fish move through the corals down to the sandy floor in an award-winning aquarium like the National Aquarium, Baltimore. With over 2000 animals and around 800 species, you will get to watch a water environment interaction like no other. Subscribe to their newsletter and you will get updates on live animals, upcoming events and changes on operating hours.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Blacktip Reef Sharks

• Blue Blubber

• Pacific Sea Nettle

• Yellow Tang

Click Here to Watch National Aquarium’s Live Cams

Chattanooga Zoo…

The zoo is managed by a non-profit organization and is aimed at providing the needed care to a wide variety of animals conserved here and educating a good deal of students each year. You can support the zoo through donation and buying some of the items provided here or through renting a space to hold an event.

Animals you can Watch Live…

At this zoo, you will get live streams for animals such as:

• Snow Leopards

• Meerkats

• Tamarins

• Spotted Genets

Click Here to Watch Chattanooga Zoo Animal Live Cams

Dudley Zoo & Castle…

Dudley Zoo & Castle is run by Dudley and West Midlands Zoological Society Limited. You can visit the zoo for an animal experience encounter or be a zookeeper for that day. If you want to make a difference in the endangered species conserved here, you can buy an adoption and receive a fantastic package in return.

Animals you can Watch Live…
• Humboldt Penguins

• Daseep

• Sumatran Tigers

• Joao

Click Here to Watch Dudley Zoo & Castle’s Animal Live Cams

Monterey Bay Aquarium…

You have not experienced a real sea life adventure if you have not visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Now that the aquarium is temporarily closed, you can still enjoy the wonderful sea creatures through live cams. This zoo also runs several acts of the ocean challenges for people who want to contribute to reducing plastic pollution and climate change. Learners are not left behind in this zoo as there are tons of activities including field trips and teacher development programmes.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Penguins

• Sharks, tuna, turtles, sardines

• Otters

Click Here to Watch Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams

Kansas City Zoo…

Even now that the Zoo is closed, you can watch animal experiences right from home with your family. There are guided tours, day camps and overnights throughout the zoo perfect for people who want to have a group wild adventure. To help you have a great connection with the natural world, this zoo also features exhibits such as the Helzberg Penguin Plaza.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Polar Bear

• King, Gentoo and Macaroni Penguins

• Bornean Orangutan

Click Here to Watch Kansas City Zoo Animal Live Cams

Edinburgh Zoo…

Are you looking to have a family memory that will last for a lifetime? This is the zoo to visit. You can leverage their virtual experiences as at the moment when most physical experiences are highly limited by the pandemic. There is a wide collection of animals in this zoo to interact with and world-class attractions that everybody should find exciting and entertaining seeing.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Yang Guang

Click Here to Watch Edinburgh Zoo Panda Live Cam

Reid Park Zoo…

Reid Park Zoo is the leader in elephant experiences and has been a favourite even now that most of their experiences have taken the virtual direction. Here, you can work as an employee, a volunteer or even adopt your favourite animal. If you want a unique experience on your special day, you can book one of their events packages. There are several membership programmes that you can also visit to support the work this zoo does in caring for the animals.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Elephants

• Giraffes

• Lemurs

• Lions

• Grizzly

Click Here to Watch Reid Park Zoo Animal Live Cams

Smithsonian’s National Zoo…

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is home to a wide range of animals and you can be assured that your favourite is conserved here. There are occasional exhibits of the most entertaining and unique happenings in the zoo and an animal adventure guide. A membership programme is also available for those people who want to support the mission of this zoo further.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Gazelles

• Pandas

Click Here to Watch Smithsonian’s National Zoo Animal Live Cams

Houston Zoo…

There are tons of animals and animal adventures in this zoo available as physical and virtual experiences. At the moment, you will need online reservations to visit the zoo or use any of their events services. The programmes offered here are suitable for kids and families, teens, adults and educators

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Asian elephants

• Rhinos

• Chimpanzees

• Flamingos

• Elephants

• Gorillas

Click Here to Watch Houston Zoo Animal Live Cams

Wildlife Trust…

This is the only organization that genuinely stands up for wildlife and environmental awareness in Cumbria. This voluntary organization protects a wide range of UK’s habitats and species. Even at the current lock-down times, you can still watch animal experiences through the wildlife cams.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Seals

• Garden birds

• Badgers

• Red Squirrels

Click Here to Watch Wildlife Trust’s Animal Live Cams

Animal Cams at Earthcam…

As the name suggests, Earthcam is a leading company in the field of providing webcams content and related services. With such as a service in the animal’s world, the Animals Cams managed by Earthcam makes sure that you get premium videos for you to enjoy the amazing experience from your favourite animal.

Animals you can Watch Live…





Click Here to Watch the Animal Live Cams on Earthcam

Kitten Rescue Sanctuary…

This is the most unique sanctuary in this list. Here you will get a special private room full of playful kittens waiting to find a new home. The kittens are treated and vaccinated properly before the adoption is processed. If you have been having a dream to own and care for a kitten, this is the sanctuary to go for.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Kittens

Click Here to Watch Kitten Rescue Sanctuary Live Cam

Vancouver Aquarium…

This aquarium is home to over 70,000 animals with over 30 unique exhibits that you can enjoy watching physically or virtually. Here you can attend the public aquarium events or using their events services for a more private experience with your family and friends. If you want memorable aquatic-themed gifts for your family, you can also visit their shop and select an item that you think resonates more to your needs.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Penguins

• Baby otters

• Underwater creatures

• Pacific Sea Nettles

Click Here to Watch Vancouver Aquarium Live Cams 

Puppy Playroom at Warrior Canine Connection…

For an unforgettable canine experience, this is the center you should visit. The puppies here are rescued, nurtured and trained to become man’s best companion and helper. With 2 years of good training in the center, the dogs learn more than 80 commands.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Labrador retriever puppies

Click Here to Watch the Puppy Playroom Live Cam

Zoos Victoria…

Do you want to interact and support the zoo wherever you are in the globe? Zoos Victoria has all you need for this. There are keeper talk series to keep you in the know of how animal keepers take care of the zoo. Here you will find residence livestreams running 24/7 or special and limited appearances.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Otters

• Penguin

• Giraffes

Click Here to Watch Zoos Victoria Animal Live Cams

Kentucky Equine Adoption Center…

This center specializes in nurturing abused and neglected horses. The horses on reaching this center, are retrained and kept here until the right adopters come in. You can visit this center and enjoy a ride from the horses that have been retrained here.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• A wide variety of Horses

Click Here to Watch Kentucky Equine Adoption Center’s Animal Live Cam

Oregon Coast Aquarium…

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a perfect channel to connect you to the Oregon coast and encourage ocean conservation. To experience what this aquarium offers, you can go for the live cameras, exhibits and beach clean-up events. You can also volunteer at the aquarium, adopt an animal or make a donation to support the creatures here.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Sharks

• Otters

• Seabirds

Click Here to Watch Oregon Coast Aquarium Live Cams

Georgia Aquarium…

This aquarium is all you need to explore ocean creatures in a fun and entertaining manner. The 100ft tunnel of this aquarium is home to over 50 species of sea creatures. There are tons of sea creatures that you can connect with even through your screens.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Longcomb sawfish

• Stringray

• Porkfish

Click Here to Watch Georgia Aquarium Live Cams

The Bronx Zoo…

The Bronx zoo is a 265 acres stretch with over 8000 animals waiting to interact with you. There are exhibits, zoo experiences including animal feedings, wild encounters and events. You don’t have to wait for everything to open up to support this zoo. You can buy a membership or ticket now and visit the zoo later. You can also choose to watch the beautiful attractions, sights and animals of this zoo through their live cams program.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Penguins

• Cheetahs

• Sloths

Click Here to Watch The Bronx Zoo Animal Live Cams

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary…

A wild adventure can never be complete without a Koala experience. This sanctuary is home to a wide variety of Koalas and over 70 species of Australian wildlife. You can join the sanctuary as a volunteer, casual employee or join the Green Team to research and evaluate the negative impact of humans on the environment and how to reduce it.

Animals you can Watch Live…

• Koalas

• Dingo

Click Here to Watch Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Animal Live Cams

Final thoughts…

If you have been enjoying the adventures of Zoos, aquarium and sanctuaries, this is the time they need you more than ever. Remember that most of the animals zoos and aquariums discussed above are not open for physical experiences due to the pandemic and hence you will need to go the virtual way to access these experiences. The good thing is that with virtual streaming, you can enjoy a zoo experience at the comfort of your home. Remember to donate or support the zoo, aquarium or sanctuary in whatever way you can since this is the time they need you most.