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Lush Boxing Day Sale

LUSH Boxing Day Sale Date for 2023

Want to know more about the Lush Boxing Day Sale? Well we have you covered! Read on!…

When is the LUSH Boxing Day Sale?

LUSH stores hold their annual sale on 26th December (Boxing Day) every year.

Is the LUSH Boxing Day Sale Online?

Normally the LUSH sale starts in-store but if LUSH has lots of excess stock in their warehouse they tend to extend the sale online.

How much are products in the LUSH Boxing Day Sale?

This varies year on year, in 2020 the lowest price items in the sale were Bath Bombs (starting at £1.48) to get an idea of prices here is a screenshot from the LUSH website during their 2020 sale…

Lush Boxing Day Sale

What Products can you get in the LUSH Boxing Day Sale?

Products in the annual LUSH Sale are normally left over Christmas Stock (including Gift Sets) and Fresh Products that need to be used within a matter of weeks. To give you an idea of what products you can get in the LUSH annual sale, here’s my haul from 2020…

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (Bath Bombs)

Lush Boxing Day Sale

Despite being part of the LUSH Christmas range their ‘I Want a Hippopotamus’ Bath Bombs weren’t Christmas Scented. Each Bath Bomb was Raspberry Scented and where only £1.48 each in the sale.

Snow Fairy (Bath Bombs)

Lush Boxing Day Sale

Snow Fairy is the most popular scent at LUSH but is only available as part of their Christmas Range. I managed to pick up Snow Fairy Bath Bombs in the LUSH sale for only £2.48.

Shoot for the Stars (Bath Bomb)

Shoot for the stars Bath Bomb

As you can probably tell, I love bath bombs! this ‘Shoot for the Stars’ Coconut Scented Bath Bomb was only £2.48 in the LUSH Sale.

Snow Fairy (Bubble Bar)

Snow Fairy Bubble Bar

I love bubble bars (as unlike bath bombs you can reuse them multiple times) I was surprised how big the Snow Fairy Bubble Bar was this year! and wish I purchased more as they were only £2.97 each!

Snow Fairy (Body Conditioner)

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

I don’t normally use body lotion but spotted the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner for only £2.50 in the LUSH Sale and decided to give it a try! it has a gorgeous bubblegum scent and works wonders for your skin. I don’t think I would pay full-price for a small tub but it’s definitely a item I will be picking up in the sale from now on.

Each Peach (Massage Bar)

Each Peach Massage Bar

I am a massive fan of LUSH Massage Bars so was extremely excited to see them as part of the sale! even though the sale states 50% Off I noticed the massage bars had a higher discount (which was a bonus!) the Each Peach Massage Bar only cost £3 and was my favourite LUSH sale item this year.

Oh Christmas Tree (Bath Bomb Gift Set)

Oh Christmas Tree Lush

Christmas Gift Sets are by far the most popular products in the LUSH annual sale and I was extremely lucky to find one in stock! this ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ Gift Set was only £10 and contained 6 Mini Bath Bombs. Some people buy these Christmas Gift Sets to gift the following year but this is not advised as bath bombs tend to lose quality over time. The best use for these gift sets is to remove the contents and use within a few months.

When is the LUSH Boxing Day Sale in 2021?

The next LUSH 50% Off Sale is due to start in-store on 26th December 2021 and online shortly after.


I hope this blog post has given you an insight to the discounts and products available during the LUSH annual 50% Off Sale. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy as much as I wanted this year (due to my local store being closed due to Coronavirus restrictions) but was grateful that LUSH decided to list stock from their closed stores on their website.

I’m going to be enjoying luscious baths for months (and best of all, on a budget!)

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