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Amazon’s Kids Fire 2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

Amazon’s Kids Fire 2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee – My Experience

My daughter is prone to breaking everything she touches! So when it came to purchasing her first tablet device I decided to buy her a Amazon Kids Fire Tablet which claims to be ‘Kid Proof’ and boosts a Worry-Free Guarantee (Two-Year Limited Warranty)

Amazon Kids Fire Tablets Retail at £139.99 but if you buy on Amazon Prime Day (like I did!) you can often pick one up for the low price of £59.99!

I gave my Daughter the Amazon Kids Fire Tablet for Christmas and to my surprise it lasted her 18 months before she somehow managed to break the device!

My Return Process…

To start the return process I had find my order number on Amazon (which is easily located by searching your order history on your amazon account) Once I had the order number I contacted Amazon Customer Service who connected me to ‘Tech Support’ via live chat who asked me to preform certain tasks (to see if the issue could be fixed at home).

After Tech Support where happy that the kindle couldn’t be fixed at home they sent me e-mail with instructions on how to return the device with a pre-paid Royal Mail Return Label.

A few days after returning my broken ‘Amazon Kids Fire Tablet’ I received a BRAND NEW one as a replacement (which also came with a Worry-Free Guarantee (Two-Year Limited Warranty).

Overall I was extremely impressed with the simple return process! And will continue to buy Amazon devices in the future.

How to Return a Amazon Kids Fire Tablet…

  • Locate your Order Number (found in your order history)
  • Contact Amazon Customer Support who will connect you with ‘Tech Support’ via Live Chat.
  • Once ‘Tech Support’ are satisfied the tablet cannot be fixed at home you will be sent a e-mail with your return label and instructions.
  • Once returned allow a few days to receive your replacement tablet.